How [Not?] To Talk To Tech Support

After corresponding with flipreads' tech support the fourth time, I've become quite familiar. Some might argue even too familiar.


It’s me again. [boring preliminary details…]

The wisdom of Google informed me that there might be something wrong with the XML. Thinking that my programmer prowess can restore the files to their promised glory, I opened them in a text editor.

But once again I have underestimated my foe. Volume 3 and Volume 4 used “<error>” tags. It’s super effective! A different pokemon must take my place in this battle.

In boring English: The files contain nothing but error tags. I don’t know what to do. HELP!

And… yes, I did try re-downloading the files. It still gave me the same result.


Eagerly awaiting your response. May it be as quick as Hermes and as wise as Athena.

- Stacey

Dear sister may-cardoso, this is how I talk to tech support. I hope they appreciate the non-boring cry for help. Hahahuhuwhatthef-ckdidijustdo?