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"What was the first album that you bought yourself?"

This is the first time I actually thought about this myself and I just remembered it was Marshall Mathers LP. I bought it on tape and it cost me 180 pesos despite being months late of the release date.

Let’s listen to this and try to remember why teenaged Stacey liked it so much. Let’s go.

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A severely unpopular opinion…

but I like mondays like you wouldn’t believe.

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10 Bands that changed your life →


The rules: List your top 10 favorite bands that made an impact in your life. Don’t take too long to think about it. First 10 you can recall in no more than 5 minutes. Tag ten friends, including me, because I’m interested in seeing what bands my friends choose.

(I don’t want to post it as a Facebook status anymore. Haha. So I’ll post it here on Tumblr instead.)

  1. Yellowcard - Them Ocean Avenue feels. heystaceeeyyy is the reason for this. I would play the CD she burned over and over again. She was in college and I was in high school.
  2. Goo Goo Dolls - You’re not a ‘90’s kid if you don’t know the song Iris.
  3. Fall Out Boy - “We’re going down, down in an earlier round…”
  4. Urbandub - I have great memories that go with First of Summer. 
  5. Sponge Cola - I have this weird obsession with Yael since I was in 2nd year college. Too bad di gihapon ko niya tagdon sa Twitter which sucks big time… Oh, well!
  6. Honeydrop - All biases aside because of my great, great love for my Labs, sinosidebb, they’re absolutely awesome despite being fairly new to my ears. :3
  7. Tegan and Sara - Do they even count as a band? Haha. I don’t know but they are awesome sisters. 
  8. Blink 182 - heystaceeeyyy listened to them a lot back when she was in high school. I was around 9 or 10 when I encountered them and I’m not really sure how a 9-year old girl was able to handle all of their lyrics.
  9. Boys Like Girls - They’re weren’t that mainstream yet back in high school and I really liked them. I only knew a few of my friends back then who knew them so it felt awesome for me.
  10. Dashboard Confessional - This was another one of heystaceeeyyy's influences. 

Dara ezkelion. :) Diri lang ko mag-post para dili mainstream! Haha

I am an influential figure in my sister’s ( dandely's ) music education. Yellowcard's Sean Mackin is still the best non-classical violinist in the planet and Dashboard Confessional still tells real stories (as in his songs really do tell stories, not that other musicians make fake stories) but… I wish I was more diverse then of my music listening choices.

And yes! Tegan and Sara count as a band just like Karen + Stacey counts as a band. XD And it’s kinda awesome that my sister and I started listening to them at different points in their musical maturity.

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